About Us

Faaz Tech is a Web Design & Development Agency based in USA

As cited numerous times on our website, Faaz Tech specializes in website design, development and bespoke services. We’ve been in the business since 2015. According to our theory, a good website design is not at all restricted to your liking alone, rather, it should be a completely satisfactory experience for your customers as well. As business experts put it, the key to the success for any thriving business is ‘ultimate customer satisfaction.’ And it is with this vision that our experts and proficient team members offer you the services of your requirements; to create a satisfactory experience for ‘your’ customers, which reflects as client satisfaction at our end.
No matter how extensive or how compact your requirements are, we, with the help of our experienced team members, offer to deliver you results with efficiency, flexibility and gratitude of a small web design agency. We conduct all our work with extreme transparency, and with complete honesty.
We cannot compel anyone to believe in everything we say unless it is by showing results. So why not take a step ahead and try out a venture with us, and we assure you there will be no regrets and we value our esteemed clients even for future business.

Our Process


The first and foremost step; discovering about our clients. We tend to create an excellent communicational bridge between our managers and team leader who will conduct the project with our clients business, their needs, their demands, their aims and goals and everything related so that we can know the precise direction in which to move our project.


After having established a comprehensive plan which accounts all the requirements, we move towards designing of your new website, which will not only reflect on establishing your brand name, but will also give the outlook of how your business operates with the help of our innovative and creative designs.


With the design having been finalized, we move towards the deployment of our constructed plans to develop for you the website of your dreams. We first launch prototypes to check and make sure everything is in place and also refer with our prestigious clients for feedback to make any wanted improvements.


Subsequently with the developing and testing of prototypes, we finalize the product and make the website live for all. We keep close monitor over the interface and glitches it might be facing and try our level best to eliminate these anomalies to render your services error free and efficient as possible.

Welcome to FaazTech!

FaazTech provides software development and customization services that improve productivity of any business by automating it’s process through web and mobile applications. For this we study business process for automation and provide robust, scalable, high-perforamnce solutions to our clients which meeting their needs.a

Our Process


In this phase, the project specification and proposal documents, which are composed of feasibility and risk assessment, are prepared. Ideas by the clients are highly appreciated.


The analysis phase will be started only when a customer approves the proposal in the first prepared during the first phase. In this phase, the quality of software will be approved through paper documentation.


Adaptive Software Development process Model uses the prototype approach to verify the design and requirements.


The main deployment activities are installation, training and security. Test cases for each increment are prepared at the beginning of this phase. The module is tested on unit basis, and is followed by integration test among the modules.